Aug 11, 2017

As primitive as it gets

That's what I think this pouch is, stitched from Notforgotten Farm's Pennsylvania Pillowe design.  It is stained, the linen threads broken from sanding, errors in stitching.  Fully lined and beat up.  This will be one of the items for sale soon.

My Simple Life magazine came and there is an article entitled "Keepers of the Flame", about antique wallets worked in the flamestitch as many of Ann's were.  One line brought a chuckle - "The purse of 'IP' was worked in 1773 by a not-too-skilled needlewoman who dealt with her mistakes by ignoring them"! 
By the time I got the camera, most of the flock was gone.  There was a little scuffle between the doe and hens, but everyone was able to have a snack.  See how tiny the chick is, to the left of its mom?
I have been trying to down the gallon of water daily before my next test (which was supposed to be this week) but I am having so much trouble.  I can't have iced tea, nothing with caffeine, so I am adding MiO flavors (love those little squirters) but still not drinking enough.  Slices of fruit in the water does nothing for me.  I'll keep trying though.
Good grief it's Friday and we're getting into the middle of August.  Since the start, evenings have been really chilly, not summer like at all.  Days have been below normal too.  So disappointed in the summer of 2017 which started with the furnace still running in JUNE!!  Damn.
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